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2020 Vision

List of Goals for 2020 This is my personal tracking list for goals I have set for myself in 2020 to keep myself accountable. Publish 20 blog posts This is my top goal for 2020. I have always enjoyed writing and reading through David Perrels’ blog and Paul Grahams’ essays has renewed my drive to publish as much content as I can this year. It’s going to be hard as I have several professional and personal milestones to reach this year.

Software Engineering Levels

For many software engineers, SE job titles hold a special place . No other topic elicits a more passionate response than when an engineer thinks that their ranking in the pecking order is threatened by an unworthy usurper in their company. The pattern is the same, whether it be a 1000+ tech drone corporate or small tight-knit startup. Although initially used to define various steps in the career ladder 1 which meant more prestige from the colleagues and more importantly, better compensation from the employer - the ranks have warped into a pissing contest between new developers in the industry.

Brows3r - Pure Kotlin S3 Browser

Background Recently I found myself with some extra development time on hand. Now usually, most of my projects start off as big grand ideas and as soon as I start working on them, I lose steam or life comes in the way and things just sit their eating dust as a private github repo. However, I stumbled upon Kweb which is a server side rendered web app building library, but written entirely in Kotlin.

Test Multipart/Form Data with WebTestClient

Background For the past year or so, I have been working extensively with spring, especially spring webflux; building scalable reactive micro services for our customers. Coming from spring MVC, learning webflux and getting used to reactive programming in general has been a great and worthy learning experience and I highly suggest going through the references section if you haven’t heard of reactive programming and/or have been thinking about giving it a go and don’t know where to start.

Simple Oembed Service Using Http4k

Recently on my usual #githunt prowl I came across a new promising http library called http4k . The library is based on the philosophy of Application as Function based on the twitter paper Your Server as a Function and promises a lightweight a server toolkit alongwith a very modular approach to adding functionality on top of the core set of capabilities built in. But the best part of all, http4k is written in pure Kotlin and follows a consistent functional approach in handling http services.