My Development Setup 🖥

Sometimes I get asked for my development setup and the apps I use for my everyday work.

Hardware ‍👨‍💻

Mac OS specs Image

Software 👓

My dotfiles can be found here

Languages ✍️

  • Kotlin is my primary development language 🚀
  • VueJS for frontend 🤩
  • Rust for quick tools and learning some new techniques 🔨
  • Swift for building iOS Apps 📱

Development Tools

  • iTerm2 as my main terminal with oh my zsh installed
  • IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate IDE of choice for both back and front end work
  • VS Code as my general text editor
  • Docker for pakaging all my apps before deployment
  • Postico as my database browser of choice
  • AWS I primairly use bare Ec2 or their lightsail offering
  • Netlify for hosting static pages (like this blog)
  • Chrome everyday driver for browsing and web dev
  • Postman for api testing. However, I’m currently also trialling out Paw
  • Fork for days when when cli git just won’t cut it
  • RunCat


  • 1Password for managing my logins and passwords
  • Bear for note taking
  • Alfred 4 probably the most used app in my toolkit, saves me so much time
  • Rescue Time for detailed graphs on how I manage my time so I can be more productive when I need to be. Use my referral link if you’d like to sign up too.
  • Day 1 for daily journalling
  • ON1 Photo RAW as my lightroom replacement
  • Pixelmator Pro for creating logos and vector graphic editing
  • Figma for mockups and more elaborate UI designs
  • Rocket for amazing emoji support everywhere
  • Slack for work and dev community chats
  • Things 3 as my main GTD app. Also hands down the best app I own across all my devices
  • Fantastical as my mac calendar replacement
  • Trello for basically managing everything in my life
  • NordVPN for when you need VPN at an airport or a cafe not a big fan of their shady practices, currently running VPN free
  • Magnet for easy window tiling
  • Lungo good replacement for caffeine, to keep my mac awake when coding so I don’t have to waste mental energy in logging back in
  • Apple Music for music. I migrated away from Spotify after 6 years of using them since I find the apple music interface better. However, they’re both great choices in my opinion.