I primarily develop in Java and Kotlin for the backend. I like Vue for frontend but I am proficient enough to deliver rapidly in React as well. I have been dabbling on Golang recently and while not fully proficient, I love developing in it and will probably be my language of choice soon.

  • IntelliJ IDEA - is my main IDE with Jetbrains Mono font. I stick to the default Darcula theme at night and Cyan Light during the day.
  • iTerm2 - is my terminal replacement, but I barely use 25% of its features. I run it with Oh My Zsh! and Powerlevel 10k theme
  • Digital Ocean for hosting my sideproject and this site is served through Netlify
  • TablePlus for visualising databases


  • 1Password for managing my logins and passwords
  • iAWriter for the times I need to focus on writing technical docs or blogs
  • Drafts for quick and throwaway writing. All my unformed notes, quick scribbles go here
  • Notion for managing projects and as an external brain
  • Things 3 is my main Get Shit Done tool. I like the simplicity and aesthetics
  • Alfred as spotlight replacement and handy clipboard but it does so much more I haven’t yet explored it enough
  • Adobe Lightroom is hard to beat for photo edits and digital asset management
  • Spotify for music
  • Mimestream is my latest mail client and I love it.
  • Dropbox works well enough for me
  • NextDNS is what I started using when my pihole broke
  • Fantastical is a great alternative to stock calendar app and I enjoy planning my days in it
  • Pixelmator Pro when I need a photoshop alternative


  • Fujifilm X100V is my daily driver
  • Canon EOS M50 MKII