My Development Setup πŸ–₯

Sometimes I get asked for my development setup and the apps I use for my everyday work. This is a living page meant to contain it all.

Languages ✍️

  • Kotlin with SpringBoot for quick backend projects πŸš€
  • VueJS for frontend 🀩
  • Go for quick tools and learning some new techniques πŸ”¨
  • Swift for building iOS Apps πŸ“±

Hardware β€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Software πŸ‘“

My dotfiles can be found here

Development Tools

  • iTerm2: I use this as my main terminal with zsh and oh my zsh installed.
  • IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate: My IDE of choice. I do all my backend heavy and enterprise work in this. I use this ultimate version as the framework support alone (excluding all the other ultimate perks) makes it more than worth the money
  • Visual Studio Code: For my web dev and as a general text editor
  • Docker: For pakaging all my apps before deployment
  • Postico: As my database browser of choice
  • Github: My code repository of choice
  • Digital Ocean: I find these guys good value for money compared to AWS for hobby projects
  • Netlify: Use it to host this blog, they are a delight to work with
  • Firefox Dev Edition As my webdev and everyday browser
  • Postman: For api testing


  • 1Password for managing my logins and passwords
  • Bear for note taking
  • ON1 Photo RAW for editing my DSLR photos
  • Pixelmator Pro for creating logos and vector graphic editing
  • Figma Their free account is perfect for wireframe mockups
  • Rocket for amazing emoji support everywhere
  • Slack for work and dev community chats
  • Trello for managing my personal development to-do boards
  • NordVPN for when you need VPN at an airport or a cafe
  • Magnet for easy window tiling
  • Lungo good replacement for caffeine, to keep my mac awake
  • Spotify for music
  • Dato good stock date/time replacement app
  • Wipr for a good adblock on safari